UNDRR Initial COVID-19 Engagement Strategy and Communication Campaign
09 July 2020 10:45

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The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented event in modern human history, requiring the United Nations system to work as One UN to support countries.

The UN Secretary-General has asked the international community to focus on three critical areas of action: 1) Tackling the health emergency; 2) Social impact and the economic response and recovery; and 3) Recover better.

The global response to COVID-19 will yield critical lessons and unprecedented experiences that will help shape future risk reduction policies and action worldwide. UNDRR, as the UN focal point on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), is committed to help countries, the UN system and partners learn from global, regional and country level efforts to prevent, respond and recover from COVID-19. The UNDRR strategy emphasizes analysis, knowledge-exchange, partnership and advocacy as a contribution to the UN’s efforts to respond to the global pandemic.

The current COVID-19 disaster demonstrates what UNDRR has been advocating for years: risk is systemic, and crises are cascading. Disasters are rapidly producing further disaster to become more complex and deadly. Everyone is affected, but not everyone is affected equally. The elderly, people living with disabilities, gig workers and the poor and marginalised are most vulnerable. The only solution is prevention. Prevention saves lives.

Therefore,  UNDRR released COVID-19 action plan and communication compaige documents for all stakeholders as the reference in this disaster response.

Download here:

UNDRR Initial COVID-19 Engagement Strategy UNDRR COVID-19 Key Message and Communication Campaign

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