National Committee
IRDR National Committees (NCs) support and supplement IRDR’s research initiatives, and help to establish or further develop crucial links between national disaster risk reduction programmes and activities within an international framework. NCs will help foster the much-needed interdisciplinary approach to disaster risk reduction within national scientific and policy-making communities, and can serve as important national focal points between disciplinary scientific unions and associations.
The First Consultative Forum of IRDR National Committees was held on 11-12 November 2014 at Wellcome Trust, London, UK, hosted by UKCDS. For information on the meeting and for access to the presentations given, please visit: IRDR’s consultative meeting of National and Regional Committees concludes in UK. Please review the Terms of Reference governing NCs within the IRDR programme. If you have any questions send us an email at .
Responsibilities of IRDR NCs
In support of the IRDR Science Plan and the IRDR Scientific Committee, IRDR National and Regional Committee will undertake the following activities:
● Foster and support participation in IRDR on the part of institutions and individual scientists.
● Serve as the national or regional focal point for IRDR.
● Foster networking and collaboration among domestic, regional and international disaster risk reduction science and technology activities.
● Improve science and technology knowledge and considerations of disaster risk reduction science technology in planning, policies and programmes domestically, regionally and internationally.
● Support efforts to update and report on national and international disaster risk reduction activities aligned with the Hyogo Framework of Action’s strategic priorities, with emphasis on the science and technology activities.
● Provide science and technology advice to policy-makers, taking into consideration national, regional and international disaster risk reduction initiatives.
● Assist in fundraising for IRDR activities and projects.
To this end, NCs are encouraged to include representatives from the following key groups: active scientists from the natural, social, health, and engineering sciences, policy makers, and managers of national disaster risk reduction programmes.
Current NCs
Home Institution

IRDR Japan
Home Institution: Science Council of Japan (SCJ)

New Zealand

IRDR New Zealand
Home Institution: Natural Hazards Research Platform (NHRP)

United States

 *IRDR the USA
Home Institution: Natural Hazards Center (NHC), Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado at Boulder
*IRDR the USA is a ‘centre of centres’ taking advantage of the research capacities of university-based centres that specialise in different aspects of hazards and disasters and that represent diverse disciplines.


IRDR Indonesia
Home Institution: Indonesia Institute of Sciences (LIPI)


IRDR Nepal
Home Institution: National Reconstruction Authority of Nepal

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