Japan NC has published recently a report entitled as “Building a sustainable global society by strengthening disaster resilience:- Developing an “Online Synthesis System (OSS)” and fostering “Facilitators” to realize consilience –”  through Science Council of Japan.  This report is a product of IRDR working group 6 on “Online Synthesis System” based on the discussion at Japan NC.


The report provided four recommendations:

Recommendation 1: The scientific community should develop the Online Synthesis System (OSS) to promote DRR and Sustainable Development.

Recommendation 2: The scientific community should foster Facilitators.

Recommendation 3: On-site stakeholders, in cooperation with Facilitators and effectively taking advantage of the OSS, should develop integrated scenarios for DRR and Environment/Development and execute concrete measures toward enhancement of disaster resilience and achievement of SDGs.

Recommendation 4: International scientific organizations, UN/international agencies and international aid agencies should support the development of the OSS, Facilitators and integrated scenarios for each country and region to take actions.