Research outputs
01 March 2017 16:05
This publication is developed by Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) and representatives with support from researchers, scientists and policy-makers in 12 countries in the Asia and the Pacific region. A call for submission was made for developing science and technology plan for disaster risk...
Research outputs
20 January 2017 13:05
The Regional Research Strategy has been formulated under an international science program, Digital Belt and Road (DBAR) Initiative, for promoting cooperation between countries along the Belt and Road to advocate and demonstrate the applications of big Earth data in support of the sustainable develop...
Research outputs
05 December 2016 16:47
Research outputs
28 September 2016 13:56
IRDR adopted new Brochure since September, 2016.The new version contains brief introduction of IRDR and IRDR network.Any advice, please contact with We welcome all comments and suggestion.Click for new Brochure:[download id="11330"]
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