Research outputs
21 August 2014 08:28
ROVINS, Jane, E.; DOYLE, Emma E. H.; J HUGGINS, ThomasAbstractThe IRDR Conference 2014 encouraged researchers, politicians, practitioners, funding agencies and disaster risk reduction-related organisations to discuss and develop ways to better integrate disaster risk science into policy, practice an...
Research outputs
18 July 2014 11:20
In this issue of the IRDR newsletter, we feature the highlights of the recently concluded IRDR Conference 2014 with a strong message on the role of Disaster Risk Science in global initiatives. The Keynote Speeches, Closing Summary and Way Forward are also included.  This issue also covers the appoin...
Research outputs
30 April 2014 16:49
In this issue of the IRDR newsletter we highlight the upcoming IRDR Conference 2014 with details on the plenary and breakout sessions, keynote speakers and registration information. This issue also covers the newly released DATA Project Report No. 1 and some of the major activities and events in whi...
Research outputs
28 March 2014 15:48
Understanding and documenting impacts from natural hazards is the foundation for decision-making and policy-setting in disaster risk reduction. The impacts range from human effects such as displacement, homelessness and fatalities, to environmental (wetland loss, desertification) and economic losses...
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