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IPCC/SREX Report - IRDR's Involvement
14 December 2011 01:56
Representatives from IRDR Scientific Committee, National Committees, Working Group Chairs and Ex-Officios were involved in creating and developing IPCC/SREX report, which will be available in February 2012.Full List of Contributors:Lead AuthorAndrew Maskrey (Ex-Officio)Coordinating Lead AuthorsIan B...
RISK Award Launched at the 3rd Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction
02 December 2011 00:41
RISK Award was launched with the Global Risk Forum during the 3rd Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva earlier this year and offers a €100,000 award to the first place project. The award will support the most promising proposal in risk reduction and disaster management and will be h...
IRDR IPO hires a Science Officer
23 November 2011 06:54
IRDR IPO is delighted to announce a new addition to the IRDR Team.Majoring in Natural Disasters at the Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management of Beijing Normal University, and with a long-term experience working in the international cooperation field of disaster reduction, Ms. Yaoyin...
The Use of Forensic Investigations of Disasters (FORIN) Methodology - Developed by IRDR Programme
16 November 2011 00:36
During the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) Conference 2011, which was held from the 31st of October to 2nd of November in Beijing, China, the methodology template on Forensic Investigations of Disasters (FORIN) was launched. IRDR’s executive director, Dr. Jane E. Rovins was interviewed b...
IRDR 2011 Conference - Opening Ceremony Statement by Margareta Wahlström
14 November 2011 07:26
During the Opening Ceremony of IRDR 2011 Conference, Margareta Wahlström, United Nations Secretary General's Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction, made a statement which was broadcasted via a streaming video.To watch the video, click here.   
IRDR Conference 2011 came to a close November 2d
03 November 2011 05:36
Dear All,The Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) Conference 2011 came to a close Wednesday (November 2d) with the announcement of the 2011 Beijing Declaration for Integrated Research on Disaster Risk. IRDR Scientific Committee Chair Sálvano Briceño presented the document to delegates during...
IRDR Conference 2011 Press Releases
01 November 2011 03:58
Dear All,We will be posting IRDR Press Releases as they will come out.You can find them at the IRDR Conference 2011 scroll down menu.
IRDR Conference 2011 Online Registration is CLOSED!
26 October 2011 00:34
If you have missed the online registration for IRDR Conference 2011 you can still register on-site on the 30th of October from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Beijing time!
IRDR Conference 2011 Online Registration Closes in 7 hours!
25 October 2011 08:25
Dear All,Hurry up and register before the closing of online registration!October 25th, 2011 at midnight, Beijing Time.
IRDR Conference 2011 online registration deadline
24 October 2011 00:41
Dear All,IRDR is in the final stages of planning IRDR Conference 2011. If you haven't registered yet please go to and register!Online registration deadline is October 25th, 2011 Beijing time! 
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