ENHANS International Workshop on Extreme Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk, Pretoria, South Africa
19 June 2011 05:37
On January 17 – 20, 2011 the organizing committee for ENHANS (Extreme Natural Hazards and Societal Implications) invited researchers from all over the world to attend a workshop in Pretoria, South Africa on Extreme Natural Hazards and Disasters in Africa, which was co-sponsored by the International...
IRDR Conference 2011 Abstract Submission
19 May 2011 05:37
Deadline for abstract submission – June 27th, 2011
IRDR Conference 2011 Registration Page
15 May 2011 11:23
Dear all, to register for the October Conference 2011 please visit the following link:
CEODE Grand Opening March 16th, 2011
17 March 2011 11:21
It is the IRDR IPO’s great pleasure to congratulate Prof. Guo and CEODE on this most special occasion. When International Council for Science, the International Social Science Council and the U.N. International Strategy for Disaster Reduction created IRDR they chose CEODE through international selec...
IRDR International Programme Office Launched
19 November 2010 11:20
BEIJING—The inauguration ceremony for the IRDR International Programme Office (IRDR IPO) was held in Beijing on November 18, 2010. IRDR-IPO will be a platform for disaster risk researchers to participate in international programs and function as an impetus for closer integration and communication be...
Fourth Scientific Committee Meeting Held
19 November 2010 11:20
BEIJING—The Fourth Meeting of the Scientific Committee for the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk Programme took place November 15-17 in Beijing. The meeting was held to discuss the progress of the programme and lay out future plans.The Scientific Committee is comprised of globally-distinguished r...
Letter of Cooperation Signed
20 October 2010 11:20
BEIJING—A Letter of Cooperation to establish the International Programme Office of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) Programme has been signed by the programme's sponsors and Chinese counterparts. The IRDR co-sponsors—the International Council for Science (ICSU)
IRDR China Launched
09 October 2010 11:19
BEIJING—The inaugural meeting of the Chinese National Committee for Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR-China) was held in Beijing on October 8, 2010. IRDR-China is committed to promoting a high level of international exchange and cooperation, making full use of international scientific and..
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