Podcast: Data for Disaster Risk Reduction
24 October 2022

This podcast series, ‘Data for Disaster Risk Reduction, reflects the systemic use of data for handling disasters and effective decisions for post-disaster recovery. The series also focuses on the role of data at each stage of the disaster management cycle: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. This podcast series would be offering examples of various disasters and the timely decisions taken to reduce the impact of disaster and minimize the loss. This series is jointly hosted by the CODATA, Tonkin and Taylor, New Zealand, and the Center for Applied Geomatics, CEPT Research and Development Foundation. It offers a rich collection of conversations, case studies, and audio essay by eminent thinkers, practitioners, public decision-makers, and policy advocates recall and reflect, discuss critical issues and point out the way forward.

Listen for the podcast: https://crdf.org.in/podcast/data-for-disaster-risk-reduction

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