Climate change is one of the biggest threats to human living and health in the 21st century. Whilst a large number of papers have been published addressing the health impact of climate change, there is a lack of comprehensive bibliometric analysis in the crosscutting field. By analyzing 22,293 articles indexed in the Web of Science Database, this paper provides a summary of the major research themes, research trends and hot topics in the field of climate change and health. Suggestions, recommendations and future priorities identified by experts in the field of atmospheric sciences, epidemiology, public health, climate change, environmental sciences, and policy development are also provided to guide future research


Keywords: climate change, health, bibliometric analysis, research trends, future priorities


Citation of this publication: Ouyang, H., Tang, X. and Zhang, R.(2022). Research themes, trends and future priorities in the field of climate change and health. IRDR Working Paper Series, 26 pages. doi: 10.24948/2022.05