Call for Participation: New Technology vs Disaster Risk Reduction: Opportunities and Emerging Risks
19 April 2023 10:10

A Framework for Global Science in support of Risk Informed Sustainable Development and Planetary Health (ISC-UNDRR-IRDR, 2021, hereafter as the Research Framework) identified nine research priorities for cooperation. To advance the implementation of the Research Framework, IRDR will organize a series of workshops in 2023 to further discuss the implications of priority setting and the lines of actions for DRR community. This workshop will focus on Priority 5 “Harness technologies, data and knowledge for risk reduction”. As stated in the Research Framework, rapid technological advances in the areas of artificial intelligence, digitalization and analytical capacity and the very widespread adoption of mobile devices and social media are driving major changes in our lives and have the potential to contribute to risk reduction and the development of Open Science. 

This workshop is an initial expert meeting that starts the discussion on the Priority 5, as well as a pre-session of IRDR 2023 Conference.

The workshop is scheduled on 4 May, UTC 8:00-9:30.



  • UNESCO Recommendation on Ethic of AI: why it matters and how to bridge AI divide, reported by Hu Xianhong, Programme Specialist, UNESCO
  • Cross-Domain Data Interoperability Framework for Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction, reported by Bapon Fakhruddin, IRDR SC member, co-chair of IRDR Working Group on Data
  • Existential Risk and Rapid Technological Change: Advancing Risk-informed Development, reported by Maxime Stauffer, Simon Institute for Longterm Governance
  • Advancing open science infrastructures for disaster mitigation, reported by Li Jianhui, Vice President, CODATA
  • An Open Cocktail of Engineering, AI, DRR..., reported by Li Pan, Executive Director, AI & Big Data Working Group of WFEO-CEIT

Intervention of Discussants

  • Xu Shiling, Lecturer, International Academy of Red Cross & Red Crescent, Soochow University
  • Pradip Khatiwada, Executive Director, Youth Innovation Lab

Agenda and Concept Note of the Workshop 


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