IRDR Young Scientists Programme (hereafter referred as YSP) is established to promote capacity building of young professionals, and encourage them to undertake innovative and needs-based research which improves DRR research, policy and practice interaction. IRDR YSP is a participation programme for those young professionals who are committed voluntarily to contribute to IRDR mission in their career development.


  • To increase the awareness among young scientists about Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (hereafter referred as Sendai Framework) and its implementation and provide opportunities for engagement through the Young Scientists Programme on DRR;

  • To collate existing research knowledge on DRR and identify research gaps and priorities in relation to the Priorities for Action of the Sendai Framework and the Research Priorities of “A Framework for Global Science in Support of Risk-informed Sustainable Development and Planetary Health”, which was launched by ISC, UNDRR and IRDR in 2021;

  • To promote integrated and multi-disciplinary research initiatives by young scientists and early career researchers and provide technical support to promising young researchers in DRR fields;

  • To develop a community of high-quality IRDR young professionals as part of global DRR networks of experts and institutions for the implementation of the Sendai Framework and SDGs.

For more information on the background and objectives of the programmes, and the selection, benefits and responsibilities of IRDR Young Scientists, please refer to the Terms of Reference of IRDR Young Scientists Programme.