Questionnaire from the ISDR IAP Stakeholders Group on Science, Academia and Research
12 March 2014 21:36

In an effort to better understand how the ISDR Asian Partnership on Disaster Reduction (IAP) Stakeholders Group on Science, Academia and Research can benefit the Asia-Pacific region, we would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to answer this questionnaire of just seven questions.

Here are the questions.

  1. Please provide your name, organisation and contact email.
  2. Are you aware of the Yogyakarta Declaration on Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia and the Pacific 2012 and its 11 Annexes?
  3. If yes, are you familiar with Annex 10: Statement of the Scientific, Academic and Research Stakeholders? If no, please skip to #5.
  4. If yes, are you currently working on any activities that would fulfill items listed in the Annex? If so, which items? Please provide a short summary of the project. The project does not have to be completed and can be ongoing.
  5. Please review the current Statement here: Should anything be added for the next statement? If so, please list.
  6. Should anything be deleted or changed? If so please provide details and a brief explanation.
  7. Are there any groups, organisations, or networks that should be included in this Stakeholders Group? If so, please provide the organisations name and a contact person with email.


The questionnaire closes on Friday, 4 April 2014, on or before midnight (Beijing time)

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