Join the Survey: Asia Pacific Science and Technology Conference on DRR (APSTCDRR)| Deadline: 15 June
27 May 2024

UNDRR Asia Pacific office, along with Asia Pacific Science Technology Advisory Group (AP STAG) and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Roorkee will co-organize Asia Pacific Science Technology Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (APSTCDRR) on 11-13 July in IIT Roorkee, India. This conference is considered a stakeholder meeting who focuses on role of science technology in DRR. 

The “Status of Science Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia Pacific” is a report developed by the UNDRR AP-STAG with contribution from scientists and researchers in the Asia-Pacific region. The report shall be released in the forthcoming conference of the APSTCDRR2024. Please join the survey to learn about the role and progress of science and technology in disaster risk reduction in the region.

This report is a series of work, previous reports are as follows:

Status of Science and Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific 2022

Status of Science and Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific 2020

Science & technology into action: Disaster risk reduction perspectives from Asia

ASIA Science Technology Status For Disaster Risk Reduction White Paper

More details of the conference can be found in:

Access the survey via the provided link or QR code. Kindly complete the survey before 15th of June 2024. 


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