[SC26] 19 Oct 2021 (online)
20 October 2021
2021-10-19 19:00 to 2021-10-19 22:00
Report of IRDR SC26 Oct 2021.pdf

26th IRDR Scientific Committee Meeting

UTC11:00-14:00, 19 October, 2021


Note: The items in blue can be downloaded.

Basic Document


Item 1. Welcome

  • IPO to briefly welcome all the participants
  • SC Chair to open the meeting and adopt the agenda
  • Introduction of participants

Item 2. Updates from Co-sponsors and Host of IPO

  • Updates from ISC
  • Updates from UNDRR
  • Updates from Host

Item 3. IRDR 2021 Conference summary and IPO update

Item 4. New IRDR ICoE Proposal

Item 5. Preparation of GP2022

  • Fang Lian to report the process of TS 5 and TS 12
  • Anne-Sophie Stevance to introduce the preparation of Science & Technology Major Group
  • Updates from IRDR members engagement of GP2022, discussions and decisions for follow-ups

Item 6. New DRR Research Agenda and the future of IRDR

  • Anne-Sophie Stevance to introduce the development process of the new DRR Research Agenda
  • John Handmer to present the new DRR Research Agenda
  • Q&A and discussions on the implementation of the new DRR Research Agenda
  • Discussions and recommendations for the future of IRDR

Item 7. Wrap up and other business

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