Scientific Outputs
26 January 2024
This Report is a culmination of thorough exchanges during various sessions and side events, integrating key points from invited presentations and participant discussions.
Scientific Outputs
31 December 2023
This report analysized the impact of the Gansu Jishishan Earthquake and the relief activities base on the nighttime light data provided by the satellite SDG-1.
Scientific Outputs
07 March 2023
The report has been produced by the ISC as part of an official midterm review by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) of the Sendai Framework, which was agreed in 2015 and set out to reduce the human, economic and social cost of disasters.
Scientific Outputs
13 October 2022
The findings identify countries’ challenges and note good practices in forecasting capabilities, early warning coverage, and systems to act on them.
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