Communication of risks and investment on young generation are put forward in the collaboration between IRDR and WWRP
02 February 2018 10:09

WMO World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) delegation, consisting of  Paolo M. Ruti (Chief of WWRP), Julia Keller (Junior Professional officer), Brian Golding (Co-chair of HIWeather Project of WWRP) and David Johnston (Co-chair of HIWeather Project of WWRP), visited IRDR IPO on Feb 1, 2018 in Beijing.  CHEN Fang from IRDR China and YANG Saini, ZHANG Qiang from Beijing Normal University were also invited to participate the meeting.

After the introduction of each organisations, HAN Qunli (Exectutive Director of IRDR) led the discussion of future collaboration.  During the discussion, some action points were proposed based on the MoU signed between IRDR and WWRP in 2012 including exchanging information of existing programmes and activities, communication of risk and linking the young scientists programmes.

In the end, IRDR invited WMO representatives to  attend the 19th IRDR SC Meeting and BNU invited them to attend the 2nd Asian Science and Technology Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.

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