Call for nominations to renew the Scientific Committee of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) Programme – deadline: 15 January
30 November 2023

As the IRDR Phase II was commenced in May 2023 and will continue for ten years, the ISC and UNDRR are seeking nominations for candidates interested to serve on the IRDR Scientific Committee (SC) to guide the programme and ensure that it is strategic, open, inclusive, productive and impactful through the entire period of implementation.

The IRDR Scientific Committee's main role is to

  • develop the scientific agenda and priorities of the programme,

  • provide scientific and policy guidance to the IRDR community and the IRDR International Programme Office (IPO) for the development and implementation of impactful activities and partnerships,

  • and guide the engagement with the IRDR community of national committees, international centers of excellence, and young scientists as well as other relevant DRR networks.

  • The qualifications required to become a member of the committee include:

  • Relevant expertise in the DRR domain with particular attention to representation from natural, social sciences, behavioural sciences, economics, health, engineering and technology

  • Experience in fostering international interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Experience working at the policy and practitioner interface (including with national and local governments, civil society, indigenous groups, etc.) for disaster risk management and reduction

Please find more information on the duties and work modalities of IRDR Scientific Committee members in the Terms of Reference.

How to nominate

All ISC Members as well as other scientific organizations with expertise in disaster risk are eligible to submit nominations of experts for the IRDR Scientific Committee by 15 January 2024 via the online form below. Candidates must be nominated by a representative (staff member, executive council member, office bearer or other official representative) of an eligible organization. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Please submit your nomination by completing the online form from the International Science Committee website.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ISC Senior Science Officer, Anne-Sophie Stevance


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