Call for Submission of Abstract: 18th International Geographical Conference on "Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience"
02 April 2024

The Department of Geography and Geomatics, University of Peshawar has planned to organize the 18th International Geographical Conference on “Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience” from June 7-9, 2024 at Bara Gali Summer Campus, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. The purpose of this conference is to bring together experts, scholars, policymakers, and practitioners from diverse fields and corners of the world to engage in insightful discussions, share groundbreaking research, and collectively explore avenues to enhance climate resilience and promote sustainable practices. Our shared commitment to fostering resilience and sustainability is a driving force behind this conference. By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, we hope to encourage interdisciplinary dialogues and catalyze the development of actionable strategies that can be implemented both locally and globally.

In addition to academia, this conference also provides opportunities for students, researchers, professionals, consultants and scientists to share their innovative ideas and research in the field of “Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience”.

The Conference will include, but not limited to the following themes:

      Forecast Based Financing

      Climate Change and Sustainability

      Anticipatory Actions in Response to Climate Change

      Climate Change and Resilience

      Climate Change Impacts on Land use and Cropping Pattern

      Climate Resilient Settlement Planning

      Climate Change and Desertification

      Climate Change and GLOF

      Climate Change Models

      Meteorology and Weather Forecasting

      Climate Change and Sustainability

      Climate Change and Hydro-Geography

      Urban Areas and Climate Change

      Climate and Climate Change

      Climate Change and Urban Agriculture

      Climate Variability and Natural Hazards

      Adaptation to Climate Change

      Application of Geo-informatics in Climate Change science

      Irrigation and Agriculture in response to Climate Change

      Climate Change and Forest Resources

      Land Use and Climate Change

      Agriculture and Food Security

      Floods and Climate Change

      Drought and Climate Change

      Climate Change and Agricultural Resources

      Drought and Water Resources

      Humanitarian Education in Response to Climate Change

      Climate Resilient Infrastructure

      Forecast Based Financing

Important Dates:

Submit Abstracts (msword) on or before April 20, 2024 to: (or)

This event will provide a network of researchers, scientists, professionals and academics to collaborate and promote research activities in future as well.

Further details of the conference is available at:

Look forward to receiving your submission.

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