IRDR, ISC-G-DRR and ISPRS Collaboration on Advancing Disaster Risk Research and Sustainable Development
03 June 2024

On May 26, 2024, Professor Qunli Han, Executive Director of IRDR IPO and Ms. Fang Lian, Science Officer of IRDR IPO, met with Professor Orhan Altan, Chair of ISC GeoUnions Standing Committee for DRR, Professor Sisi Zlatanova, President of International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) TCIV and Professor Jie Jiang, Secretary General of ISPRS, to discuss the cooperation for the plan of co-organizing a series of meetings on the integrated research on disaster risks.

This meeting was a further step after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Cooperation between IRDR IPO and the ISC GeoUnions Standing Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction. The MOU was signed in 2023 by Professor Qunli Han, Executive Director of IRDR IPO, and Professor Orhan Altan, Chair of ISC GeoUnions Standing Committee for DRR, represented their respective organizations. The Parties will seek cooperation on the development of risk science, mutual support on the conferences held under the auspices of each of the Parties, especially on the organization of the Gi4DM conferences and triannual IRDR Conferences, and promote on each other's agendas and accomplishments of research and actions.

During the meeting, participants focused on the joint session at the Gi4DM conference to be held in Belém, Brazil in 2024 and possible white paper for COP 29 as the output, and the parallel session organized by ISC-G-DRR at the IRDR Conference 2024. Experts of ISC-G-DRR and ISPRS are invited to attend the IRDR session at the World Science and Technology Development Forum to be held by the CAST in Beijing from October 22 to 24.

The meeting highlighted the shared vision of the collaborative efforts of IRDR, ISC-G-DRR and ISPRS to harness the power of science, technology and collective action to protect communities from disasters and promote sustainable development worldwide.

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