Josephine Ngaira

Prof Josephine K W Ngaira 


Award Winner, Scientist of the Year 2021 Physical Geography (Climatology)

Prof. Josephine Ngaira is a full Professor of Geography (Climatology) in the School of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kenya.  She holds PhD and MSc in Geography (Climatology), and Bachelors in Geography and Religion from the University of Nairobi. Other professional certificates she holds are; (i).“Transforming Our World: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals” from Columbia University, USA. (ii) “Disaster Management”, from World Bank Institute, (iii) ‘’Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management’’ from Washington DC, (iv) “Remote Sensing Education for Educators in developing countries’’ from Stockholm University, Sweden. (iv) “Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction” Administered by the Global Facility for Disaster Risk Reduction, Washington, DC. Prof Ngaira is an internationally recognized authority in Climatology and Climate Change issues. She served as an expert reviewer with the IPCC 5th Assessment Report. Ngaira is the “Award Winner Scientist of the Year 2021” in Physical Geography (Climatology) by IARC.  She is a Fellow and Hon Treasurer of The Kenya National Academy of Sciences and a Full Member, The Scientific Research Honor Society-Sigma xi and Member, NASAC-Women for Science Working Group.  She is recognized by UNESCO among top “15 African Women in Science Breaking Gender Barriers”. She is an expert Researcher with IAP and one of the authors of 2 listed books on IAP website: (1) “Climate Change and Health” in Africa, (2) “The Grand Challenge of Water Security in Africa”. She is one of the 8 Founding Members of UNESCO’s International Geo-diversity day celebrated every 6th October and a Coordinator, International Geographical Union, Kenya Chapter. Prof Ngaira has supervised over 25 postgraduate students, published 3 University level text books and 0ver 65 journal papers and chapters in text books on climate change and health, disasters, banditry, Water and  environment. She is the Director, Institute of Indigenous Knowledge, Cultural Studies and Climate Change  and Ag Deputy vice Chancellor Planning, Research and Innovations. She is the Chairperson of Professors’ Forum in MMUST. Ngaira also served as Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, Dean, School of Environment and Earth Sciences and Chairperson of Geography department. She serves on many Boards and Committees of Institutions both locally and internationally. 

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