Peng CUI

Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Peng CUI is the academic director of Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (IMHE), CAS. He has been engaged in geo-hazards for decades and obtained acknowledged achievements in debris-flow mechanism and risk management technology. He proposed the concept of quasi- debris flow based on 20 years of observations and in-situ monitoring and analysis, and has defined the relationships between streambed slope, fine sediment content of soil, and water saturation. He has been long devoted to DRR both in China and abroad, collaborating with countries including Italy, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Thailand, Venezuela and Cuba. The mitigation techniques have been successfully applied to the mega debris-flow event in Venezuela (1999), the large dammed lake in Pakistan (2010), and the geohazards along the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan. He has so far published more than 300 papers, four monographs and one atlas of Mountain Hazards and Soil Erosion in the Upper Yangtze, obtained 19 patents of disaster mitigation technology, and won more than ten national and provincial awards.

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